workers compensation lawyer in los angeles

Since the spring of 2020, workers in LA have been in a difficult position. Coronavirus has been a real problem for many employees. Some have been placed in temporary positions working from home, others have been fired because the company can’t make enough money to survive. With many people struggling to keep a roof over their head in these difficult times, it is important that they take the time to consider the position that they are in and whether there is an opportunity to claim compensation with the help of a worker’s compensation lawyer specializing in Los Angeles employee law. It makes sense to look around for help, and BHL – Worker Comp Attorney LA can offer you some advice about what to do in your situation.

Claiming Compensation For Covid-19

As more people catch Coronavirus and are forced to take time off of work, it is important that they consider exactly what they are entitled to claim as compensation. Employees may be unable to work during this time, in which case they could receive disability payments, which equal around 60-70% of wages. It is vital that the claimant files the documentation for this while they are still unwell, or they could find themselves being obliged to take Unemployment Assistance instead. Attorneys can help clients to file their claim quickly and avoid disruption and delays. Filing a claim for this should provide employees with enough wage compensation to cover their period of sickness. Being unable to work due to periods of isolation or quarantine, or for other Covid related sickness issues should allow employees to claim from the California Covid-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave allowance, which will give them a payment up to the minimum wage at state or local level.

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance

For workers who have had their hours cut significantly during the pandemic, or who have lost their job due to the problems caused by this disease, it is possible to claim a form of unemployment assistance related to the pandemic. They should be able to claim at least $167 each week to a limit of 39 weeks, and possibly more with any federal extensions.  In order to make this claim, the workers must be unemployed or only partially employed or otherwise unable to work due to the effects of Covid 19. If they are interested in filing for this or other forms of compensation related to Covid 19 layoffs, it will be necessary to speak to a specialist employment attorney.

Dealing With Long-Term Covid Symptoms

One of the most serious problems of the Coronavirus pandemic is the emergence of serious long-term symptoms in patients. In terms of employment, studies have shown that “50% of the people were unable to work full-time six months after they tested positive for COVID, and only 8% of those people actually were hospitalized”. Evidence specifically from California shows that while the region had 13% of infections, and that Covid is connected to around 20% of all compensation claims. This means that there is potential for more claims, particularly from workers who are suffering the long-term effects of Covid being caught while at work. Essential workers and retail employees were likely to catch Coronavirus, and this means that they may be entitled to compensation that they haven’t yet claimed. It is worth all employees considering whether they have received full compensation for their suffering as a result of the pandemic.

workers compensation lawyer in los angeles

Find Out More From A Worker’s Compensation Lawyer In Los Angeles

Those employees who have been suffering as a result of this pandemic are likely to need help in filing claims for compensation. In order to get help with the process, it is important to talk to compensation attorneys specializing in workers’ claims. Find out more about how you could recover lost wages caused by the pandemic when you speak to BHL – Worker Comp Attorney LA today. The teams can help workers who have been left short of pay due to Covid closures and loss of earnings, and we can offer you advice about making your claim. We offer a free consultation so we can help you understand your claim, so simply reach out to us today through our online form, or call us at (213) 263-6131 now.