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Workers in California are in a difficult position right now, with many of them being obliged to return to work before they were ready, and others being left with illnesses and injuries but unable to seek compensation due to Covid restrictions. There has been a significant rise in the number of compensation claims from LA workers, not least due to many employees seeking compensation for Covid-19 infections. For many people, this year has been a year of uncertainty, with some areas returning to work while others do not, and compensation is evidence that there is still more work to be done in securing the safety of employees in California law. A surprising number of eligible workers have not contacted a workman’s comp attorney in Los Angeles about their situation, and BHL – Worker Comp Attorney LA is prepared for an influx of employee claims once people start returning to work in large numbers at the end of summer.

Compensation And Covid

In the early months of the pandemic, thousands of Californian workers were obliged to seek compensation due to the lack of preparation on their employer’s behalf. For example, 35000 workers had filed a claim in Californian courts by August of last year. As the months roll round again, it should be no surprise if the numbers continued to climb. Some experts estimated that those claims last year “could mean more than $2 billion in costs for employers and their insurers”. Industries most effective in the long-term by the pandemic will be retail, with The Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California predicting that retail jobs will remain hardest hit by Covid, and declining through to 2023. Workers in this situation, and many people in California and LA do work in retail, are likely to experience loss of employment and difficulties in getting more work. This is why they need to make compensation claims as soon as possible when they have injuries or illnesses related to the pandemic.

Can Workers Get Other Sorts Of Compensation?

California has some of the best compensation laws in the country, and this means that employees should be able to claim compensation for some of their wages if they are injured or unwell as a result of things that happened at work. Injury or illness needs to have occurred during the course of employment and be involved with it – so for example a worker may be able to claim compensation if they were driving to work or as part of their job, but not if they were doing donuts in the staff parking lot during the lunch break. Compensation will cover a number of medical, lost income and other related expenses. Due to the changes in work situations as a result of Covid, it may be necessary to talk to a specialist about your injuries – back problems and muscle strains as a result of long Zoom meetings, for example.

Seeking Medical Benefits With A Workman’s Comp Attorney In Los Angeles

When a worker has been injured or made unwell as a result of their employment, they may want to seek compensation that will allow them to pay medical bills. These benefits include being treated by specialist doctors, and being tested through the use of MRI, X-rays and blood examinations. Many workers will, as a result of an injury, require physical therapy to help them recover normal function and movement. When you file that form for compensation, the employee is required by law to authorize medical treatment within a working day. They may also be obliged to pay for more treatment on delayed claims up to a cost of $10,000.

workmans comp attorney los angeles

Seek Compensation Today

If you have been injured or made unwell at your place of work, perhaps having caught Covid and suffering with this illness, then you need to see the help of specialist employment lawyers. BHL – Worker Comp Attorney LA can help you to file your claim and get compensation and offer a free consultation service so that you can understand what your claim will be. Get help with filing your claim, or with other important tasks by contacting us today online, or by calling (213) 263-6131 now.