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Los Angeles Workers Compensation Lawyer

Our attorney handles all work accident cases. Thousands of Californians get hurt every year at work. Our Los Angeles Workers Compensation Lawyer has successfully resolved hundreds of workers compensation cases. We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients. Also, we helped them get medical attention and recover from their injury.

Our office has over a 99% success rate in workers compensation claims. We do not charge you until we win your case. Our fee comes out of your settlement, so you never have to pay out of your own pocket. Why do you need a Los Angeles Workmans Compensation Lawyer? You can be left with permanent injuries when you get injured on the job. Work injuries prove to be some of the most serious injuries because work can be physically demanding. If you are permanently disabled, then it will be more difficult for you to perform your job duties. This affects your ability to compete for jobs and ultimately make money.

You need an experienced Workers Compensation Attorney in Los Angeles to fight and get your maximum compensation and medical treatment. Our work Worker’s Compensation Attorney has experience in all types of injuries and understands the value of each type of injury. You can benefit by having an experienced Los Angeles Workmans Compensation Lawyer by your side to protect your future.workers compensation lawyers los angeles ca

What Is Workers Compensation?

Employers must purchase workers compensation insurance. Workers compensation insurance protects the employee after they sustained a work related injury. If your injury arose out of your employment and during the course of your employment, then you are entitled to workers compensation benefits. These benefits include medical treatment and payment for any permanent impairment you have sustained.

There are two types of injuries that are covered under workers compensation laws. The first type of injury is a specific injury, which occurs on a specific day. For example, if you fell on your back and sustained an injury, your date of injury is that day you fell on your back. The other type of work injury is a continuous trauma injury. This is an injury that occurs over a period of time. For example, if you use the computer every day for a year and end up with carpal tunnel injury, then you have sustained a continuous trauma injury. The trauma of typing every day for a long period of time resulted in your work related injury. In this situation, you will be entitled to workers compensation benefits.

You are entitled to workers compensation benefits even if the accident was the employee’s fault. For example, if you improperly climbed a ladder at work and fell, you are still entitled to workers compensation benefits.

Do I Need A Los Angeles Workers Compensation Lawyer?

If you believe that your work injury will cause permanent injury, then you need to retain a workers compensation lawyer. There are many workers compensation laws and procedures that you must know in order to properly pursue a workers compensation case. Also, an experienced workers compensation lawyer understands the impact all types of injuries have on the employee. It is important that an injured employee is assigned the correct permanent impairment rating. Further, it is important that an injured employee receives a fair settlement for their right to future medical treatment.

The insurance company will have a team of lawyers to try to minimize your recovery. It is important that you have a workers compensation attorney on your side so that you receive fair treatment and compensation.

best Workers Compensation Lawyer Los Angeles

Our Los Angeles Workers Comp Lawyer Separates Himself From The Rest

  • No fee unless we win your case
  • We will ensure you receive justice.
  • Our office works hard to get maximum compensation for your workers compensation case.
  • We are experienced in all workers compensation cases.
  • Our office prides itself in providing great customer service to our clients.
best Workers Compensation Lawyer Los Angeles

Our Los Angeles Workmans Compensation Lawyer Has A Proven Track Record

The best way to judge a lawyer is by their record. Our attorney has a proven track record. We are able to succeed because we are passionate about what we do and are committed to our clients. Our lawyer does not allow his clients to get bullied by their employer. Also, we fight the workers compensation insurance company hard. Aside from our high success rate, we pride ourselves in providing great customer service to our clients. When you sustain a Los Angeles work accident, you are going through a lot of stress. You need your Los Angeles Workmans Compensation Lawyer to keep you informed and be there for you when you have any questions. We have a high success rate in customer service. For more on customer service, you can click the “Testimonials” tab above to read reviews from our clients.

best Workers Compensation Lawyer Los Angeles

Los Angeles Workers Compensation Benefits

If you have had a work accident in Los Angeles, you are entitled to many benefits. The law provides injured workers many benefits, including the following:

Our Los Angeles Work Worker’s Compensation Attorney Fights Hard For Your Benefits

Your injury might prevent you from working for a period of time. If you are placed on temporary total disability, you are entitled to receive 2/3 of your average weekly earnings. You may be able to receive temporary disability for up to two years.

If you sustained a permanent injury, your treating doctor will give you a permanent disability rating. Their rating has to be based off the AMA Guides 5th Edition. Our Los Angeles Workmans Compensation Attorney will make sure you get a fair disability rating. You will receive compensation for your injury based on the Permanent Disability Money Table. Our attorney will take the deposition of the doctor if he disagrees with the permanent disability rating you are given.

You will also need lifetime medical treatment if you suffered a permanent injury. Our attorney is highly experienced in determining the future medical evaluations, diagnosis and treatments you may need.

Further, if you are not able to return to your normal duties, you may be a Qualified Injured Worker. This means that you may be entitled to a Supplemental Job Displacement Voucher. For injuries that occur after January 1, 2013, you may be entitled to $6,000 for education and vocational training.

You need a professional on your side to get maximum value for all your workers compensation benefits.

best Workers Compensation Lawyer Los Angeles

Our Los Angeles Work Injury Lawyer Will Get You The Best Medical Treatment

The most important part of your case is making sure that you get the medical treatment that you need. When you first get injured, you select a Primary Treating Physician. If you do not like your physician, we can change the doctor up to two times. When the insurance company is denying medical treatment, our Los Angeles Workmans Comp Lawyer will file an appeal or request a hearing in front of a workers compensation judge. Our office understands that you can not have any gaps in medical treatment because you are in a great deal of pain and need to get better. At BHL, our LA Workers Compensation Lawyer has successfully won appeals and reversed insurance denials. We will work hard to make your medical treatment process as smooth and beneficial as possible.

When Should You Hire A Los Angeles Work Worker’s Compensation Attorney?

Our workers compensation lawyer works on a contingency fee basis. This means that our lawyer’s fee comes out of your settlement. If our lawyer does not win your case, then there is no fee. The legal fee is the same percentage of the settlement regardless of when you hire our lawyer. The workers compensation insurance adjusters are not on your side. There will come a time during your workers compensation claim when you have an issue that an attorney needs to resolve. For example, you may not be getting the medical treatment that you need or receive a low settlement offer.

If you hire a work Worker’s Compensation Attorney from the beginning of your claim, we will ensure you receive all the benefits you are entitled to. By hiring a workers compensation lawyer from the beginning of your claim, your case will be smoother and you will receive more compensation. It is important that your claim is handled properly from the beginning to the end of your workers compensation claim.

What Do I Do If My Workers Compensation Claim Is Denied?

In order to have a valid workers compensation case, you only have to prove you sustained an injury while performing your job duties. However, insurance adjusters may find a reason to deny your workers compensation claim. For example, they may say that you have a pre-existing injury that caused your symptoms.

A workers compensation denial is a self-serving decision. The denied claim does not mean that you will not receive medical treatment or money for your injuries. Many clients that have denied cases end up receiving large settlements.

If your case gets denied, our office will refer you to a doctor that will not charge you for treatment. Ultimately, our workmans compensation lawyer will have you evaluated by a nuetral Qualified Medical Evaluator (“QME”) under Labor Code 4600. The QME may determine whether you have sustained a permanent work-related injury.

best Workers Compensation Lawyer Los Angeles

Los Angeles Workers Compensation Statute of Limitations

You must file your workers compensation case within one year of your date of injury. This is called the Statute of Limitations for filing a case. Even if it has been over a year, our Los Angeles Workers Compensation Lawyer can still win your case! You need an attorney that knows the law and will win your case no matter the situation.

What If My Employer Does Not Have Workers Compensation Insurance?

An injured employee is still entitled to workers compensation benefits even if his/her employer does not have workers compensation insurance. If your employer does not have workers compensation insurance, our office will join the Uninsured Employers Fund (“UEF”) to the case. Ultimately, UEF will pay for your workers compensation benefits.

Can My Employer Retaliate If I File For Workers Compensation?

It is illegal for an employer to discriminate against their employee because of filing a workers compensation claim. If you employer fires you because you filed a workers compensation claim, then we will file a Petition under Labor Code 132A. Under that law, you are entitled to back pay, restitution of your job and a penalty up to $10,000 if you are wrongfully terminated.

Moreover, State and Federal laws protect employees that have a disability. Under the California Fair Employment and Housing Authority (“FEHA”), employers can’t discriminate against employees with disabilities. If your injury impairs your ability to work, then you have a disability and are protected. If you are wrongfully terminated, you are entitled to back pay, loss of future earnings, pain and suffering and attorney fees.  Under the Federal American With Disabilities Act (“ADA”), you are entitled to similar compensation.  Our office handles 132A Petitions and civil lawsuits under FEHA and ADA.

It is not in the best interest of your employer to wrongfully terminate or discriminate against an injured employee.

best Workers Compensation Lawyer Los Angeles

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