workers compensation lawyer los angeles

After being involved in an accident at your worksite and getting injured, you may be wondering how long can you make worker’s comp last. It’s important to hire a workers compensation lawyer Los Angeles to fully understand every single aspect of the situation.

The duration of a worker’s compensation may vary depending on the seriousness of the injury. Keep in mind that cases of long-lasting worker’s compensation are not common. They have a limit, which can be reached before fully recovering from the injury. Get all the details on worker’s compensation in Los Angeles to know what to expect.

workers compensation lawyer los angeles

Workers Compensation Lawyer Los Angeles: Why Hire One?

There are many reasons why accidents at work may occur. Dangerous installations, exposure to hazardous waste, insufficient capacitation, loose wiring, or objects on the ground generate undesired outcomes all the time. When you get injured while working, you can ask for worker’s compensation at your job. A worker’s compensation is used to cover costs such as medical bills, transportation, medicines and to help your finances as you may not be able to generate any income for a while.

In some cases, the insurance companies will try to lower the amount of the worker’s compensation as much as they can. Some of them go as far as to point out that you have a share of the responsibility or showed some kind of negligence that resulted in an accident and the consequent injury. Act fast: call a workers compensation lawyer Los Angeles before anyone tries to make you sign anything.

Estimated Periods For Worker’s Compensation in Los Angeles

A typical worker’s compensation claim in LA can last up to 2 years, or 104 weeks. If you don’t require to use it all that time in a row, you can parcel it for up to 5 years. However, a worker’s compensation can last longer, depending on the injury. Severe injuries, like lung diseases or third-degree burns, can make a worker’s compensation last up to 4 years and 6 months.

Some types of work injuries can be extremely severe beyond the point of ever recovering completely. If you happen to suffer a permanent injury, you can ask for long-term disability benefits. These can cover a portion of your wages and medical bills throughout your entire life. Keep in mind that the law In California does not make it mandatory for employers to provide long-term disability policies. Seek help from a workers compensation lawyer Los Angeles to find out if you can apply for long-lasting workers comp.

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If you’ve been injured because of an accident at your workplace, you deserve workers’ compensation. Don’t sign anything before proper legal counseling. Know your rights and defend them.

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