Workers Compensation Lawyer in Los Angeles

Any job has its own risks. However, there are specific dangerous jobs in the US that some individuals do not wish to apply. Workers of these jobs seek legal advice from our workers compensation lawyer in Los Angeles if they need to file a claim.

In our current economy, most individuals cannot afford to be picky. That’s why they do not review the workplace injury statistics of the career they wish to follow. Many workers, however, are protected from a workplace injury through the worker’s compensation law.

Nevertheless, it is vital that you understand workplace injury landscape. In that way, it will be easier for you to navigate the worker’s compensation laws if you need to file an injury claim.

Workers Compensation Lawyer in Los Angeles

Jobs You Might Want to Avoid

In Los Angeles, construction activities are high. Unfortunately, the deaths related to construction jobs also skyrocketed.

But construction is not the only industry with high death rates. Fishing, quarrying, forestry, and agriculture also recorded high accident rates.

The reason for this is that these jobs require extreme physical labor. The workers here have to handle hazardous machinery putting them at a higher risk of getting injured.

However, hazardous jobs do not always mean they have the highest workplace injuries. Healthcare, transportation and social assistance are just some of the jobs with increase counts of injuries.

The industrial aspect of Los Angeles changed significantly in recent years. Jobs in hospitality, health, and education increase while industry jobs decrease.

Even though there is a shift in that area, LA has an increased demand for infrastructure prompting growth in construction. As a result, deaths among construction workers are increasing in recent years.

The most common injuries related to work would include strains, sprains, crushing, contusion, fractures, punctures, and inflammation, among others. Despite the injuries and deaths related to these jobs, the economy in Los Angeles is increasing.

What Should You Do If You are Injured at Work?

You are protected through the worker’s compensation law even if you work in one of the most dangerous jobs in the US. If you are injured, you must report it immediately to your employer.

However, if your claim has been denied, it is best that you talk to our workers compensation lawyer in Los Angeles. Our attorney will fight for your rights so you will receive the benefits that you deserve.

One of the reasons a worker’s compensation claim is denied is that the employee failed to report it to his/her employer. Following strict timelines is vital in this kind of claim.

That’s why when a client calls about it, our lawyer would immediately recommend reporting it to the employer. In that way, the employer will file a claim.

If your request has been denied, our workers compensation lawyer will help you recover your benefits. You can discuss your case with our lawyers so they can start making a strategy to win your case.

At Belal Hamideh law office, we can help any issues related to worker’s compensation. Our workers compensation lawyer in Los Angeles will provide a free consultation through phone so you can get started right away with your case: (213) 263-6131.