A Workers Compensation Attorney in Los Angeles

A workers compensation attorney in Los Angeles clarifies that work injuries do not only mean slip and fall. If you suffer from repetitive stress injuries (RSI), then you can claim workers compensation.

This type of injury is common in today’s workplace. RSI arises when you perform the same action for a certain period of time every day. It can lead to sprains and aches. In some worse cases, it can cause nerve damage.

You can seek legal help if you developed RSI because of your job function. Our competent workers compensation attorney can evaluate your case and help you in filing a worker’s compensation.

If your claim has been approved, you will receive compensation for medical expenses and lost wages.

A Workers Compensation Attorney in Los Angeles

Symptoms of RSI

This type of injury occurs when you perform the same task each day. Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine the symptoms because the pain arises gradually.

But the common symptoms are tingling, numbness, pain, loss of coordination and reduced range of motion, among others.

To know whether or not you have a type of RSI, you need to see a doctor. It does not matter how minor symptoms are. You must seek medical attention to prevent the symptoms from worsening.

Should You Inform Your Employer?

If you suspect that you have a repetitive stress injury, notify your employer ASAP. Failure to do so will affect your chances of collecting worker’s compensation coverage. The sooner you tell your employer, the sooner you obtain your medical care. Your claim is also highly likely to be approved.

Your employer may choose the doctor where you will seek initial treatment. After that, you may pick your own physician. Tell your doctor the detailed information about the injury and illness, as well as your symptoms.

Telling your employer on time will boost your chances of getting worker’s compensation benefits. Missed deadlines will cause a denial of your application.

After getting injured at work, you must notify immediately your employer. Once you reported it, your employer will file your worker’s compensation claim. The claim has to be filed in 7 days after the fifth day of your inability to do your duties because of the injury.

On the other hand, if your employer failed to file the claim or it has been denied, you may file an employee’s claim instead. The statute of limitations for this type of claim is within 4 years from the date you inform your employer of your disability.

Seeking Legal Assistance from a A Workers Compensation Attorney in Los Angeles

If your claim has been denied, make sure to contact our workers compensation attorney in Los Angeles. We offer valuable assistance to help you get through the red tape and resolve your claim.

In Los Angeles, thousands of accidents happen. Some of them arise while the plaintiff is working. The injuries can be mild or severe. However, no matter how small or big your injuries are, you must consult a worker’s compensation lawyer to discuss your case.

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