workers comp lawyer los angeles

Accidents can happen all the time, and the workplace is by no means an exception. But what happens when you get injured? A workers comp lawyer Los Angeles can be very helpful if you are not only injured but also lost at what to do. You might not be fully aware of how to proceed, as you don’t normally see billboards around the factory, the office, or the construction site telling you what shall you do when you get hurt. 

Many workers of all kinds do not know their rights until it is very late. It is unbeknownst to them that the estate of California makes it mandatory that employers acquire insurance for workers’ compensation. This is a tough scenario. Every day, we see hundreds of hard-working people with some kind of disability unable to live a normal life. All because they suffered an injury while working and didn’t receive medical attention on time. Don’t let this happen to you.

workers comp lawyer los angeles

Why Hire a Workers Comp Lawyers Los Angeles?

More than often, when accidents happen, employers and insurance companies take advantage of the personnel’s ignorance about worker’s compensation. If an injured worker fills a claim for it, they will try to lower the final price. Why? First, because insurance companies exist to earn money, not to lose it. Second, the higher the amount a worker receives, the higher the insurance will get for your employer.

When you get injured at work, you will not only have to deal with your wounds and pain but also with the bureaucracy and greediness of the men in suits. There’s no need for it to get any worse for you. A qualified law professional will first take care of you; he knows your health comes first and will refer you to reliable doctors so you get proper medical attention. He will represent you in front of the insurance company to protect your interests and defend you aggressively.

Understanding Time Limits For Workers Compensation

After you get injured at work, you have thirty days to give notice to your employer. After giving notice, you have as long as a year to file the actual claim. Your employer’s insurer must authorize payments for medical treatment while the claim is investigated, whether it is accepted or rejected. They can’t refuse assistance as it is illegal and they have to comply with the law.

In the meantime, the insurer is responsible for up to $10,000 in medical bills. If you have to miss work because of your injury or illness, the insurance company should begin paying temporary benefits within 14 days after it receives the notice. Keep in mind that you are not the only one who was to meet deadlines: the insurance company has 90 days to approve or reject your claim or you will automatically be entitled to benefits.

How To Determine a Worker’s Compensation Payment

There are two key factors to consider when determining how long can worker’s comp last and the amount to obtain: whether the disability is temporary or permanent, or whether it is total or partial. It’s important to get medical attention from someone who can seriously determine how severe your injury is and how much will it take to heal, or if it will heal somewhere in the future. That’s why our lawyer refers you to certified medical specialists.

Temporary disability is the most common, as the doctor determines you are unable to perform any kind of work-related activities for some time until you recover. Temporary disability payments replace only about two-thirds of your average weekly pre-tax wages at the time of your injury, including overtime, the market value of job perks, and wages from other jobs.

Permanent disability benefits are payable if your doctor determines your recovery will not improve in the next year. Total permanent disability benefits are payable if your doctor determines that you are unable to work in any capacity for the rest of your life. The payments are based on your age, occupation, physical or mental limitations, how much does injury limit your work, and most importantly, the doctor’s detailed report on your injury.

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At Workers Comp Attorney LA we deal with this kind of situation all the time. We understand how hard is for a worker to get hurt, and the feeling of not being able to do your normal daily life. We can help you to get the compensation you deserve. We’ll assign you a workers comp attorney Los Angeles to defend you aggressively and stand for your rights. Call today for a free consultation at (213) 214 – 2969.