There is a very big reason why you should hire the very best lawyers to take on your workers compensation lawyers Los Angeles Ca case. It is possible for your employer to counter-sue when you put in a claim for workplace compensation. It is not the sort of thing people warn you about because it is a part of the legal system that seems to exist under the radar. We are so thoroughly indoctrinated into believing that big/medium companies want to avoid lawsuits and court that we do not confront how many companies go down the litigious route, even with their own employees. In short, yes, your workplace can counter sue if you put in a workplace claim.

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Is My Workplace Likely to Sue?

You will have to talk to your lawyer before getting a definitive answer, but you have to remember that counter-suing is not as expensive as taking you to court. After all, the company has already had to hire a lawyer to defend them in the compensation case, so it doesn’t take a whole lot more money to file a counter lawsuit.

However, if they are counter-suing frivolously, then they are only wasting their own time and money. There are a great many scenarios where you could sue them, but they couldn’t sue you for the same problem.

For example, some people think that if the problem at work was their fault, then they cannot get compensation, but that is not true. In addition, some people think their company can counter-sue if the problem was their fault, but your company is very unlikely to win a countersuit, even if the problem was caused by you. Do not let your employers try to scare you out of your worker’s compensation lawyers Los Angeles Ca case.

Did You Cause Injury to Other People?

If you caused injury to property or yourself, then when your company counter-sues, they are probably going to lose. However, if you caused damage to other people, then your bosses may have some claim to suing you for damages. Though they will have to absorb most of the costs of compensating whomever else was injured, the company you work for may try to come after you for at least some of the money they are paying out. This is especially true if they expect their insurance company to pay you a tidy sum in compensation.

Also, if you caused damage to a member of the public, such as a customer, while being in direct contravention of company rules, then they may be able to counter-sue you and win.

For example, if you have attended classes in securing your tractor load, and there is a sign on the wall and on the tractor about securing your load, and they have video footage of you clearly “Not” securing the load, which then goes on to injure a customer. Then even the most risk-averse lawyer is going to suggest that the company counter-sues you.

Conclusion – Workers Compensation Lawyers Los Angeles

Your company may counter-sue you when you put in a claim for workers’ compensation, but talk to your lawyer, and do not let it scare you away from your worker’s compensation lawyers Los Angeles Ca case. In most scenarios, you are the one owed money for two big reasons. Firstly, if they had not hired you, you wouldn’t have been there in the first place, and secondly, it is their responsibility to lower all chances of accidents and injury to the point where they are a rarity. If something has gone wrong, even if it was your fault, your employer is still at least partially to blame. Get in touch with BHL – Worker Comp Attorney LA if you want more advice or a little help getting your compensation claim off the ground.