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Though it seems obvious, the biggest factor regarding if an incident will require workers’ compensation is if you were actually at work at the time. Yet, even with that said, if you were sent off-site for lunch, and you were in a company vehicle, then you may still be entitled to compensation. The truth is that figuring out if you are entitled to compensation is often a tricky business, so the fact is that you should probably consult with workers compensation attorneys Los Angeles in almost every circumstance.

Will I Lose My Job if I Sue for Compensation?

If you lost your job after winning a compensation claim, then all your birthdays have come at once because you could go straight back to court and file an unfair dismissal claim. Even if you sue for workman’s comp and lose, if they fire you within a few months or even within a year of the incident, then get in touch with a lawyer because an unfair dismissal claim may be ripe for the picking.

Should I Consult if it Was My Fault?

Take note of what was said in the introduction, and what is mentioned near the end of this article. You should consult an attorney no matter what. There are many people who are injured at work and never consult an attorney because they think the incident was their fault. Even if it was your fault, there is still a good chance you require compensation. Unless they can prove that you caused the incident on purpose, out of some sort of malice or foolishness, then there is still a good chance that workers compensation attorneys Los Angeles could get you some compensation.

Workers Comp Attorney

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Should I Consult if They Have Already Made an Offer?

Things get trickier if you tried to do it all yourself and you haven’t taken their offer. It is especially tricky if you have done this and what they paid doesn’t even cover your medical bills. However, if they have made an offer, but you haven’t agreed to it yet, or signed it away, then there is still room to get a good slice of compensation. You need to get in touch with a lawyer and make a push to get compensation. You are probably in luck too because if they have already made a compensation offer, often to keep things out of the courts, then there is a good chance you can prove their responsibility and start pushing for a tastier settlement.

Get in Touch Anyway

The truth is that workers compensation attorneys Los Angeles are not out to get you or to con you. There is nothing wrong with taking a consultation just to see what your options are. Plus, in most cases, workers are convinced by their employers that they are not entitled to any sort of compensation, and workers take them at their word. Rather than judging for yourself, why not ask one of the professionals at BHL – Worker Comp Attorney LA. Go through the details of the incident, give your side of the story, and find out if you are actually entitled to anything.