Workman’s Comp Lawyer

Even if you think your job is pretty routine and basic each day, there is always the chance that you can get injured while on the job. Thousands of people each year suffer workplace injuries, and those who are hurt may not know the steps they need to take to make sure they get the medical treatment they need or that they are entitled to certain compensation under the law. In many instances, employees may feel threatened or afraid even to file claims for fear of retaliation in the workplace. If you suffer a workplace injury, you will want to call our workman’s comp lawyer in Los Angeles at Belal Hamideh Law to make sure you get the protection you need.

Getting You Medical Treatment | Workman’s Comp Lawyer

The most important thing for you at the time of your injury is to make sure you get the immediate medical treatment that you need. You should not worry about the insurance company involved denying you medical treatment or your claim or pressure from your employer to avoid seeing a doctor. When we are representing you, we will make it a point that you not only see a doctor but one that you are happy and comfortable with at this time. Even if your claim gets denied, we will work to file an appeal on your behalf or request a hearing regarding your case. We will make sure you get the consistent medical care you require right now.

Get the Compensation You are Entitled to

Our next job as your workman’s comp lawyer in Los Angeles is to make sure that you get the financial compensation you are entitled to at this time. We will work to make sure you get the disability benefits you need so that you have financial stability for yourself and your family, whether the benefits are temporary or permanent. We not only will work to get you reimbursement for medical treatment now but also for any care you may need in the future relating to your injury.

It is Important to Act

Time is an important role in any workplace injury case, so you want to make sure that you contact us as at Belal Hamideh Law as soon as you can when you are in need of a workman’s comp lawyer in Los Angeles. Take the time to call our office at 888-503-2850 and arrange for a consultation, at no cost to you, so that we can discuss your case and the steps we need to take to make sure you get the care, treatment and compensation that the law allows.