Worker’s Comp Lawyer in Los Angeles

Any time that you have any type of injury that occurs while you are at your job worker’s compensation insurance is supposed to kick in to help get you any medical treatment you may need and pay for any time that you may miss at work. Even though is supposed to be the case, it may not always happen. There may be cases where your claim is denied for one reason or another, leaving you injured, perhaps permanently, and unable to do any work to help provide for your family or pay your medical bills. If you find yourself in a situation like this it may be just one of the reasons why you want to call a worker’s comp lawyer in Los Angeles.

A Permanent Injury Occurs

You may not realize it, but more often than not when someone is injured at work it can turn out to be a permanent injury or disability. This is likely to cause you to have to leave your job and you may not be able to get work doing anything else. Insurance companies do not like to pay out claims of a permanent workplace injury so they set the standards very high for people to meet when they file these claims. If you are looking to get some type of lifelong payment for your injuries, having a worker’s comp lawyer from Los Angeles on your side may be the only way that you can get this done.

Worker’s Comp Lawyer in Los Angeles


The Appeal Process

Many workers have been frustrated by having claims denied that they feel rightfully should have gone through. There is an appeals process that you can go through, but it can often be very confusing to the average person and is very often unsuccessful. However, if you have an attorney on your side to help with the appeal process, you are going to be able get the help you need to understand what needs to be done and have representation that knows how the system works, making it more likely that you will win your appeal.

If you have experienced a workplace injury it is always a good idea to reach and consult with a worker’s comp lawyer in Los Angeles. Call Belal Hamideh Law at 888-503-2850 or go to their website at so you can arrange to speak to an attorney to talk about your case.