Temporary Disability Benefits in CA Workers Comp Cases

Temporary Disability Benefits

Temporary disability payments in workers comp cases can be an important source of income for accident victims who are unable to work for a period of time. Knowing your rights along these lines can help you sort through the process if you need to file a claim. In fact, many people get confused about temporary…

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Understand the Basics of Temporary Disability Benefits and Payments

Temporary Disability Benefits

Workers’ compensation cases tend to be quite complicated for a variety of reasons given the way that particular details come into play. It’s easy to state platitudes such as “workers may always be entitled to payments following workplace injuries”, but the reality is that not every case might follow that specific pattern. Temporary disability benefits…

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Workers Comp Lawyer in Los Angeles Takes on Pedestrian Accident Case

Workers Comp Lawyer in Los Angeles

Car-centric cities such as Los Angeles and Long Beach don’t take care of or value pedestrians as much as drivers. Legally, pedestrians almost always have the right of way, but it’s no secret that drivers don’t always respect that. This makes pedestrian personal injury cases depressingly common in the region. The worst part is that…

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The Most Common Accidents During the Summer in California

Personal Injury Attorney

People look forward to sunny days, warmer temperatures, and the outdoor activities that come with the weeks before summer. The sunny days and warmer nights are a welcome change after a long winter. Additionally, because the sun sets later in the summer, people can engage in a variety of outdoor activities well into the evening….

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How Much Is a Workers Compensation Settlement in California?

Workers Compensation Attorney

Speaking to a worker’s compensation attorney in Los Angeles should be done if you’re injured at work or become sick from working on the job. Doing so will help you go through the claims process and provide you with the legal support needed in case of a denial. Using the Services of a Workers Compensation…

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What Kind of Compensation Can I Receive If I Was Injured Working in LA ?

Workers Compensation Lawyer

In Los Angeles, as well as throughout the US, workers’ compensation is the most practical and tangible solution that can be offered to a worker to try to compensate for lost wages and medical expenses due to an injury or work-related illness. Unfortunately, there is not always transparency in awarding the appropriate compensation. It is…

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Are Temporary Disability Benefits the Same as SSD?

temporary disability benefits

Temporary disability benefits are not considered the same as social security disability (SSD), as the Social Security Administration (SSA) only covers disabilities of a permanent nature, not work-related injuries that are considered short-term. Making the Distinction: Temporary Disability Benefits versus Social Security Disability Benefits It’s important to distinguish what constitutes temporary disability benefits and what…

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Hiring a Workmans Comp Lawyer to Sue for Wrongful Death

workmans comp lawyer los angeles

A workmans comp lawyer Los Angeles based firm can help you determine what, exactly, you will receive in the case of injury or death on the job. Workers compensation is designed to prevent employer liability for job-related deaths or injuries. Even if the employer was negligent or violated OSHA-enforced rules, the law is designed to…

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How Can a Workers Comp Lawyer in Los Angeles Handle Your Case

workers comp lawyer los angeles

Accidents can happen all the time, and the workplace is by no means an exception. But what happens when you get injured? A workers comp lawyer Los Angeles can be very helpful if you are not only injured but also lost at what to do. You might not be fully aware of how to proceed,…

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Why You Should Talk to a Los Angeles Workers Compensation Lawyer

los angeles workers compensation lawyer

Many people do not know, unless they speak to a Los Angeles Workers Compensation lawyer, that this form of compensation follows state rulings. It is not regulated by the federal government. Therefore, you need to know how the law will address your needs in the Golden State. Why You Should Speak to a Los Angeles…

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