a Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Los Angeles CA

If you have been injured in some way while you are at work, it could be that your employer is responsible and that you are entitled to worker’s compensation. You should never feel reluctant to file an injury report when something happens on the job, and you should not shy away from seeking workman’s comp benefits if you are entitled to them. The problem many people run into is that they are unsure just what they qualify for, especially if the injury puts them out of work for an extended time or even permanently. The best step you can take for yourself to learn more about your potential benefits is to speak with a worker’s compensation attorney in Los Angeles, CA.

a Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Los Angeles CA

Your Attorney Can Explain Benefits

If you do not know what benefits could be there for you, talking with an experienced lawyer can be helpful to you. A lawyer that is familiar with the laws regarding worker’s comp in California and the federal laws that apply can explain everything to you so that you can see the help you can get. You may be able to get your medical bills paid for as they relate to your injury, and if you have a permanent injury, care could be provided for you for the rest of your life. There are also permanent and temporary benefits that are offered that you could get to help keep an income stream coming in while you are hurt.

Filing for Benefits with an Attorney

If you have not yet filed for your benefits, seeing a worker’s compensation attorney in Los Angeles, CA, can give you the assistance you need to understand the process. The paperwork involved with worker’s comp can seem confusing if you have never dealt with the process before, so having an attorney show you what needs to be done, what supporting evidence and documentation you may need and more will help you so that you can file and have a higher chance of having your benefits approved. If for some reason, your claim is denied, your lawyer will be there for you to file an appeal and go before the worker’s compensation board to fight for you.

Talk with Our Attorney for Assistance

To help you understand the process and get the maximum benefits you are entitled to, you will want to speak with a worker’s compensation attorney in Los Angeles, CA. At Belal Hamideh Law, we have an expert worker’s comp lawyer that can go over the ins and outs of the process and assist you with your claim. You can learn more about the services that we can offer you when you read the information and articles that you find on our website. To set up a meeting with our attorney so you can receive a free initial consultation, please give us a call at (213) 263-6131. We can make sure your claim gets the attention it should, and you receive compensation for your injuries.