workers comp lawyer in LA

Even if you are always careful about what you do at work, doing your job diligently and taking proper safety precautions, accidents can still happen to you. Faulty equipment, a spill on a floor or in a stairwell, or a simple error or misjudgment can have disastrous results for you. Suddenly you find yourself hurt and on your way to the emergency room or to see a doctor. You end up missing time at work, you worry about your job, and you worry about what your employer’s reaction to everything will be. Facing a situation like this can be stressful for you as you try to figure out what to do, and it is certainly not something you should be afraid to do or think you must do alone. A challenging time like this calls for a calm, experienced party to assist you, and hiring a workers comp lawyer in LA is the right step for you to take.

A Lawyer and Paperwork

Just the paperwork alone that is involved in a worker’s compensation case can feel overwhelming to you. You see the stack of forms, all the evidence and supporting documentation you need to provide, and the confusing wording on the documents and you may not know just what to do. The longer you put off filing, the higher the risk you take of having your claim denied, so speaking with a lawyer as soon as possible is the right thing for you to do. An attorney that deals with many worker’s comp cases will be familiar with all the paperwork and can assist you in the filing, so your claim is done correctly, on time, and is at less of a risk for denial.

workers comp lawyer in LA

A Workers Comp Lawyer in LA Calms Your Fears

A workers comp lawyer in LA will help to calm any fears you may have. You may feel intimidated by your employer or afraid to file a claim against them, fearing that you will lose your job. Speaking with an attorney will let you see that you have legal protections when you file a worker’s comp case. Your lawyer will also be there to represent you and protect you, stepping in to make sure your rights are not violated. If any problems arise, your lawyer can make motions on your behalf with the courts against your employer to stop any harassment or intimidation.

Calling a Lawyer for Help

Do not be afraid to ask for help or feel you must face this challenge by yourself. Call us at Belal Hamideh Law today so that we can be the worker’s comp lawyer in Los Angeles you need. You can contact us either through the form found on our website or by calling us directly at (213) 263-6131. We will set up a meeting with you so we can talk about your situation and let you know all we can do for you. Our initial consultation is at no cost to you, and it will help you understand more about your case and what quality legal representation like ours does to improve your case.