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Not everyone knows what a workers’ comp attorney in Los Angeles does. However, when you’re injured in an accident, you need one on your side, pronto. Simply put, should you be injured at work, you’re entitled to medical treatment. On top of that, you’re also entitled to be compensated for any kind of permanent disability you suffered as a result of the injury. One part that people are definitely unaware of is that you’re also entitled to a cash value of the medical treatment due to the work injuries. This is all included in part of the settlement that we can get for you here at Belal Hamideh Law.

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There’s a common misconception that if you injured yourself completely by accident, you aren’t entitled to worker’ compensation. This is 100% untrue. In fact, you’re entitled to receive those benefits even if you did unintentionally injure yourself. So, say you’re working in a factory and you hurt your leg permanently due to something you absolutely did not mean to do. Then, contrary to what others might tell you, you can get workers’ compensation benefits for that. That’s exactly the time to hire a workers’ comp attorney in Los Angeles.

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Many workers don’t realize all of the benefits the Labor Code affords them. See, once you’re injured on the job, your employer has to send you to a medical doctor. Here, many workers think they have to listen to that one doctor, but they don’t. You actually have options. That’s one of the best things a workers’ comp attorney can do for you: they make you aware of all of the options you have available. Too often, people just assume that, because they’re on the job, they have no rights. They just think that management and the employer has all of the power. That’s not the case. You need an experienced legal professional on your side that can set the record straight.

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Being injured on the job can be scary. One of the worst things about being injured is how it can reduce your earning power going forward. For example, if it’s harder to do your job, you may feel like you can’t earn as much money. That’s where we come in. We can get you the compensation you deserve for everything you’re going through. Call us at (888)277-6122 or go to our website to schedule a free consultation.