workers' comp lawyer in Los Angeles

During the aftermath of an accident at work, you might feel confident that you can manage to negotiate your compensation claim by yourself. You may even have walked yourself through the first stages of the claim, and have had it accepted, but at the back of your mind, there is something that tells you that you need to reach out to a workers’ comp lawyer in Los Angeles. There can be benefits to putting your trust in someone who handles compensation claims, and you can feel confident that they will be able to spot potential mistakes that could result in you getting less money than you deserve.

workers' comp lawyer in Los Angeles

Why Talk To An Attorney?

Whether you have had your claim accepted or not, you can still benefit from seeking the advice of a lawyer. After all, when you make a claim you have to deal with an organized team whose job it is to reduce the amount of money that you receive from your claim. You may face HR specialists, case managers, and insurance adjusters, all of whom are not likely to try to benefit you, and may instead want to reduce your compensation. They may even do things that you don’t expect, such as argue that you have been injured for too long, and are now trying to manipulate the claim system. Your employer might retaliate against you in subtle ways and medical case managers might suggest that you are malingering when you are simply not recovering as well as they expected. This is why you might need help with your legal claim.

Hiring Your Own Lawyer

When you realize what you are up against, it makes sense for you to try to hire a lawyer who can help you to resist those who are trying to cut back on your compensation settlement. After all, insurance adjusters are not on your side and they are specifically paid to reduce your claim. A legal team can help to set your insurance claim back on the straight and narrow, preventing adjusters and other specialists from reducing your claim down to the very minimum. Without a legal team, you will be fighting all of this on your own and, in most cases, you won’t have the experience to be able to manage it.

Find A Team That You Can Trust

When you really need help with fighting a compensation claim that has been accepted but is now being adjusted down, you need to speak to an expert workers’ comp lawyer in Los Angeles who can assist you with every stage of the claim. By putting your trust into Belal Hamideh Law, you can rely upon people who want the very best for you. We believe that you can get the compensation that you deserve when you put your trust in us, so reach out to us now. Send us your details using our online form, or call our team at (213) 263-6131 now.