Personal Injury Case

If your personal injury case was not settled and you decide to go to trial, the testimonies of witnesses are very important. There are two main types of witness testimony: expert witness testimony and lay witness testimony.

Expert witnesses have special knowledge, expertise, or training in areas that relate to the case.  Lay witnesses, on the other hand, do not have specialized knowledge or training but can testify as to what they saw and heard before, during, and after an accident. If you were injured in an accident that you did not cause, you need experienced legal assistance. Contact pi lawyer Los Angeles for the help of expert lawyers to prepare witnesses for your trial in a way that makes a favorable impression on the jury.

Types of witnesses

Expert witnesses

Because of their specialized knowledge, training, and experience, expert witnesses can apply their expertise to the circumstances and facts of the case. Expert witnesses that might be called upon to give testimony include medical specialists, accident reconstruction experts, economists, or vocational rehabilitation specialists.

Medical experts

In personal injury cases, medical experts can provide testimony as to the causes of the injury, the damages sustained, and the likelihood of needing medical care in the future. A medical expert can also testify that the victim’s injuries were caused directly by accident.

This is important if the insurance company claims that the victim’s symptoms are due to a preexisting condition. The expert will be able to testify as to the need for future medical procedures, and their cost, the limitations the victim will suffer as a result of their injuries, and the permanency or otherwise of injuries sustained.

Personal Injury Case

Accident reconstructionists

These experts determine how an accident occurred. This is very important if there were no eyewitnesses. They can determine how fast vehicles were going, their direction, stopping distance, and momentum.

They can produce computer-generated reconstructions that visually demonstrate how the reconstructionist thinks the accident occurred. This can provide important testimony in a personal injury case where someone has been injured or suffered other damages in an accident.

Victims, family members, and friends

Accident victims are important witnesses who can testify about the conditions of the roads and environment, as well as any injuries or other damages they might have sustained. Vehicle passengers can testify about the behavior of the driver before and after the accident. For example, they will be able to deliver their opinion on whether or not the driver was intoxicated.

They can also estimate speeds of vehicles, and testify about the weather, visibility, temperature, vehicle directions, traffic lights, signs, and other conditions at the scene of the accident. Importantly, friends, family members, and work colleagues will be able to offer valuable testimony about how the victim’s life has been changed as a result of the accident.

If you want to take your personal injury case to trial, discuss it with an attorney.  Contact pi lawyer Los Angeles for expert representation through your trial, and for professional witness preparation.