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Over a million Americans suffer injuries related to slip and fall. “Slip and fall” refers to an accident that leads to an injury due to slipping or tripping on someone else’s property. Since a slip and fall case occurs on someone else’s premises, it is often classified as a “premise liability” claim. In such cases, you should contact Los Angeles Worker’s Compensation Attorneys.

These accidents are likely to occur at a commercial building, a shopping mall, someone’s home, or grocery store. Slippery surfaces, uneven sidewalks, poor lighting, and other existing hazardous conditions are likely to cause falls. The property owner, in many cases, is at fault in a slip and fall case.

Proving negligence is critical for one’s case. For a slip and fall case to have legal merit and hold up in court, the person must suffer an injury and be in a position to prove that the property owner was negligent.

To prove that the property owner was negligent, one must show that they (property owner or tenant in control of the property) knew or should have known about the dangerous condition leading to your fall and injury, and failed to do something about it.

It is important to note that both you and the property owner can be held responsible on a varying degree. Just as a property owner has an obligation to maintain a safe environment, you must watch where you are going. Therefore, you should follow these tips to ensure you have the best chance of making a successful legal claim:

Address Medical Concerns Promptly

After getting injured from a slip and fall accident, address your medical concerns fully and at the earliest time possible. Seek medical attention, and get a diagnosis if you feel that you might be hurt. This will document your injury in case you pursue a case against the property owner.

los angeles Worker's Compensation Attorneys

Get it in Writing and Take Pictures

After slipping and falling, gather the names and contact information of any witnesses to your accident or the hazardous condition that caused your fall. You should also take photos at the precise spot you fell to support your claim.

Give Notice to the Property Owner

Notify the property owner as soon as possible on the location of your slip and fall. Whether it happened on a sidewalk or a relative’s house, you should report it immediately to the homeowner or manager.

Avoid Social Media

You should limit the exchanges regarding the incident to face-to-face or phone interactions. Be careful about what you post about the incident on social media as it may be used against you. Therefore, until you’ve secured a lawyer, abstain from giving any statements.

Contacting Los Angeles Worker’s Compensation Attorneys

Seek the help of an experienced injury attorney early enough if you are interested in pursuing legal action after your slip and fall injury. This will ensure that enough evidence and witness statements are collected and give yourself the best chance of success. So call Los Angeles Worker’s Compensation Attorneys at (213) 263-6131 today to receive a free consultation on your situation.