workers compensation

Workers’ compensation is a state-mandated system designed to protect employees injured during their employment. It also serves to help the employee recover so they can return to work in the earliest time possible. As such, large companies are always in a position to pay for workers’ compensation. That is if any of their employees are legitimately hurt while in the line of duty.

Most businesses choose to offer workers’ compensation benefits to their employees in case a work injury afflicts an employee. On the other hand, due to their limited funds, non-profit companies may choose to do without an insurance policy that ensures their workers are covered in case of an accident occurring.

Victims face more than just debilitating injuries without fair workers’ compensation benefits. It is important for nonprofits to work in their employees’ best interest and get them an appropriate insurance policy.

This will prevent cases of injured employees accruing heavy medical bills. This renders them incapable of meeting their daily needs due to a loss of income during recovery.

workers compensation

Work Injury Risks

There is no industry, be it charities or nonprofits that do not have risks of injury. Therefore, corporations should always be ready for worst case scenarios.

In the case of nonprofits such as animal shelters and cancer research organizations, work injuries experienced may range from bites from stray animals in the shelter care, or repetitive motion injuries that may affect workers stationed at computers.

Trauma experienced while on the job is a possible risk. This causes injuries that may prevent their ability to make a living. Therefore, it is quite unfair for any charitable organization to overlook a work accident as their obligation.

It is unacceptable to expect employees who took on jobs in good faith or volunteers who believe in the charitable cause to fend for themselves after an accident, particularly in cases where the conditions at work may be less than ideal for a non-profit company.

Importance of Nonprofits Getting Worker’s Compensation

The benefits of charitable organizations getting a workers’ compensation policy, despite the expense, outweigh the disadvantages. Organizations that don’t carry compensation policies in case of work-related injuries risk to a suit being filed against them.

If an injured worker chooses to file a suit against a nonprofit, the charitable organization will have to shell out significant amounts of money in court. To prevent the risk of going bankrupt and exhausting savings, nonprofits should invest in insurance policies to cover work injuries.

In Case of Work-Related Injuries

To ensure that you receive adequate compensation after an unexpected injury while working for a nonprofit or a charity, seek legal advice from Belal Hamideh Law. Call us at (213) 214-2969. We’ll carefully guide you through the steps of receiving your workers’ compensation benefits.