How Our Work Injury Attorney in Los Angeles Works For You

After an injury, compensation may be quite far from your mind. However, in the days and weeks to come, as you are unable to work and the bills start rolling in, you may begin to wonder how you can recover some of the money that you have lost through injury. This is where a work injury attorney in Los Angeles can get work, helping you to receive compensation for the problems that you have suffered, and the long-term effects of that injury. Here is a brief guide to what those claims can mean.

Establishing Your Claim

The first stage in any compensation claim that you make against your employers is establishing the exact cause of your injury, and how much negligence or poor work practices contributed to your accident. They may spend some time talking to witnesses, or reading medical and sometimes police report about the incident. This means that when they start to file paperwork, they have all of the relevant facts at their fingertips, and can make the best use of this information to start claiming compensation from your employers.

How Our Work Injury Attorney in Los Angeles Works For You

Knowledge of How the Labor Code Works

As a worker, you will have never needed to know exactly what the labor code entails. However, if you are making a claim, an attorney that knows this code inside out can be extremely useful. For example, your employer must send you to a doctor, but despite appearances you don’t have to accept what that doctor says. In fact, your compensation attorney may even insist that you see a second doctor to clarify your problems and determine exactly what your injury years and how long it will take to recover from it. Understanding of the code will ensure that you are properly treated, and that you receive the compensation that is due to you.

Hire an Expert Compensation Attorney

To make sure that you get the claim that you need, you need to hire an expert Work injury attorney in Los Angeles who has the knowledge to help you with all of these issues. At Belal Hamideh Law, we can work with you to achieve better compensation for your injuries. By contacting us, you can get the process started on making a worker’s compensation claim, so don’t delay. You can send us an online message, or call us on (888) 277-6122 today.