workers compensation attorney in los angeles ca

When you are injured at work, it is important that you seek help in making a compensation claim as soon as possible. This is necessary because you need assistance in making sure that your claim is accepted, and that you get what you need from your settlement. Rather than risk being refused a compensation claim, you need to reach out to a specialist workers compensation attorney in Los Angeles, CA who can help you to ensure that your claim is settled, and all of your financial worries are removed with a settlement that meets your needs. To start the process today, reach out to the BHL – Worker Comp Attorney LA team today.

workers compensation attorney in los angeles ca

Handling your employer’s insurance company

When you seek compensation from your workplace, but the claim will go to a compensation insurance agency that holds the cover for your employer. You will be given a dedicated insurance adjuster who will handle your claim and will investigate your case. They can examine all parts of your case to decide whether you have a claim, or if there is reason to deny payment. At this stage, it is not unusual for your compensation claim to be denied by the adjuster. This can leave you without benefits and without the necessary medical treatment, and you could end up struggling to make enough money for your family. In this case, it is always worth seeking the advice of a specialist compensation attorney, who can advise you if it is worth pursuing the claim further.

Taking Additional Steps

At this point, you need to take steps to ensure that your compensation claim is given a second look. In almost all cases, the first move that we will make is to have you attend a medical treatment center. Our doctors will send the bill to the medical provider network associated with the insurance company, and this, along with medical evidence from the doctor, can help you to ask for your compensation claim to be reconsidered. We can also assist you with disability benefits applications, which will provide you with a year’s worth of benefits. You should be able to find some assistance with our help that will allow you to carry on while you are in recovery.

Talk to Our Legal Team Today

Getting help with compensation claims often means seeking a specialist lawyer, and when you have been injured at work you absolutely require the assistance of a specialist workers compensation attorney from Los Angeles, CA. Our knowledge can help you to get the payments that you need, so reach out to the BHL – Worker Comp Attorney LA legal team today. Talk to us about your injury, and whether you have already submitted a claim, and we can offer you advice and information about the next steps to take. To start the processor to decide if you have a case, contact us through our online form, or call us at (213) 263-6131 now.