workmans compensation lawyer in the los angeles

You have been unlucky enough to suffer an injury in the course of your employment, and you need to find a way to cover your medical bills and any recovery treatment that you might need. Many workers in California are able to seek benefits from their employer’s insurance, and you may be able to fund your treatment and recovery when you file a compensation claim. By using the compensation act, you may be able to seek not only cover for your medical bills, but also wage replacement for the time you are not able to work. In order to make the most of these claims, you will likely need the assistance of a workman’s compensation lawyer in the Los Angeles region.

workmans compensation lawyer in the los angeles

Starting To File A Worker’s Compensation Claim

Before you can start to seek compensation with help from our legal team, you need to take action with your employer and their insurance company. Sometimes, you may be taken directly from the work to a hospital, and you should also inform the treating physician that you have a work-related injury or sickness. When you are making your claim, the first step will always be to report your injury to your employer as a matter of urgency. In fact, often you will have only 30 days to provide written notice of your injury to your employer after it has occurred, although there are some exceptions to this case. In most cases, the employer will provide you with a claim form, which you will have to fill in by yourself. Any delay to this process can harm your claim.

Meeting Deadlines

As soon as you are injured, the clock will start ticking on deadlines. The first and most important deadline that you will need to meet is to notify your employer of your injury. Any delay in providing notification to them could limit the benefits that you will receive, so do the notification as soon as you are physically able. For both cumulative injuries, and sickness, the time period begins from when you first see a doctor, or are absent from work. In other cases, the deadline starts from the injury date. If you are not able to work, then you should receive a temporary benefit around 14 days after the injuries first reported, and if you make a claim then they have 90 days to reject medical bills. You will have five years to for that claim, and then an additional year if the insurer denies your claim.

Making Sure Your Claim Is Right

The process of filing a legal claim to workers compensation can be very complicated, and many people struggle to overcome the legal language in order to file a suitable claim. If your documentation or claim is incorrect, then you are likely to find your claim rejected. To get help with making your claim, and are sure that it is right first time, seek Bel Hamideh Law, a workman’s compensation lawyer for Los Angeles employees. You can reach us online or by calling (213) 263-6131 today.