a Motorcycle Worker's Compensation Attorney in Los Angeles

Riding a motorcycle in Los Angeles is a popular mode of transportation, especially when it comes to traffic. Oftentimes motorcyclists will utilize the ability to weave in and out of traffic during rush hour or at stop lights. While this may mean they are spending less time on the road, it also increases the risk for an accident to occur on the road. In the event this happens, having a motorcycle Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Los Angeles by your side is a valuable option.

What to Do After An Accident

Getting in a motorcycle accident is a jaring event. Your adrenaline is suddenly at an all time high and you may feel discombobulated. It is important to let yourself feel these emotions, however, also remember to breathe deep and take agency of the situation. Note your surroundings. Where did your bike land? Where was the initial impact? Were you injured? Hopefully witnesses would have pulled over to help, and they can give a testimony of their perspective of the accident. When you use a motorcycle Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Los Angeles a witness account is very important, especially if you were not at fault for the incident. If you get the chance to take any pictures of the accident, doing so could help your side of the case. Gather as much information as possible, it will help you and your lawyer. Lastly, and most importantly, do not immediately admit fault.

a Motorcycle Worker's Compensation Attorney in Los Angeles

Do Not Admit Fault

Do not admit fault after an incident. Admitting fault could negatively affect your insurance and your ability to receive the peak dollar amount you deserve. Oftentimes people involved in an accident will want to point fingers, and the arguments could get uncomfortable and uncivilized. While riding a motorcycle may have its risks, it doesn’t mean any accident is immediately your fault. People like to take advantage of those who claim the accident as their fault, so it is in your best interest to not claim fault and get your lawyer to oversee the notes of the case first and foremost.

Contact a Motorcycle Worker’s Compensation Attorney

If you have been in a motorcycle accident it is time to hire a motorcycle Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Los Angeles. If you have any questions or are looking for a consultation, call Belal Hamideh Law by dialling (888) 277-6122. Belal Hamideh is a law firm full of knowledgeable individuals who can answer as many of your questions as possible. Protect yourself after an accident and hire a lawyer who can help keep your assets in the right place.