worker's compensation lawyer in Los Angeles

Everyone knows that the workplace can be extremely stressful and that it is often severe enough that a stressed-out worker might be led to resign or leave for a different position. You may know that if you are injured at work, you could get in touch with a worker’s compensation lawyer in Los Angeles to help you, but what you may not realize is that stress, depression and anxiety caused by working conditions may also allow you to make a claim for compensation. It is important that you understand that in California, stress may be a legitimate cause of work-related injury, but you still need a lawyer to make sure that you are asking for the right sort of compensation.

Is Stress Or Anxiety Eligible For Compensation?

When someone working in California experiences stress, they may experience a number of distressing symptoms that can lead them to become physically unable to work. Under the law in California, you cannot get compensation simply for being stressed-out, but you could claim a benefit if you suffer from a recognized mental condition that is related to your stress problem. For example, you may develop certain psychiatric conditions that could include anxiety disorders, depression, disassociation, adjustment disorders, and even PTSD. In the circumstances, your claim for compensation is likely to be valid. If you can establish that your stress at work resulted in these disabilities, then you are likely to be eligible or entitled to workers compensation.

worker's compensation lawyer in Los Angeles

Working With Lawyers To Prove Your Claim

In order to establish that you are really a victim of a disability caused by stress at work, you must fulfill a number of requirements as demanded by the California Labor Code. These requirements tend to have a much higher burden for proof, which can mean that you need to rely upon your legal team to help you establish the truth. Most importantly, your job must be the clearest cause of your psychiatric condition, and you must have been working at the company for six months or more. Your employer may try to show that the illness was caused by personnel action that was in good faith or not discriminatory, and you may lose the case if you cannot show that the stress was caused maliciously or was in excess of any reasonable expectations.

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