Worker’s Comp Attorney Los Angeles

Too often when people are injured at work, they are reluctant to do anything about their injuries. People fear they will miss too much time at work, lose their jobs or face threats or retribution from their employers because they filed a claim for worker’s compensation. Many people do not file a claim because they simply are not sure what to do. In the and, they face a mountain of medical bills for care that they should not have to pay for. It is important that you do not delay in hiring a worker’s comp attorney in Los Angeles when you are hurt at work so you can make sure your rights are protected and you get the care you need.

An Attorney to Help with Your Claim

When you get hurt at work, it is important that you take steps to get the medical care you need. It’s also vital that you report the incident to your employer so they can start the worker’s compensation process. State and federal laws mandate worker’s compensation, but there is a process that you must follow correctly. If you do so, you can get the compensation to cover medical bills and the time you miss at work. Speaking with an attorney right away about this can help you to make sure you follow the process correctly. Your employer can also follows through on their responsibilities.

Worker’s Comp Attorney Los Angeles

An Attorney to Protect You

Your worker’s comp attorney in Los Angeles can provide you with the protection you may feel you need now. Employers cannot legally harass or intimidate you regarding worker’s comp claims. They can’t threaten your employment or terminate you for filing an injury claim. Your lawyer can supply you with the right protection for your interests. He or she can file any petitions to let the courts know about the violation of your rights.

Talk to a Worker’s Comp Lawyer

It is in your best interests to speak with a worker’s comp attorney in Los Angeles right away after you have been injured on the job so you can understand the process you need to go through. At Belal Hamideh Law, we are experts in worker’s comp cases and can assist you along the way to make sure you meet deadlines and have representation and help with your case. Call our office at 888-503-2850 to schedule a meeting with us at no cost to you so we can talk about your case with you.