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Ask yourself, do you need a surgeon? If you have a deep cut on your arm, then you could patch it yourself, but perhaps have somebody professional take a look at it. What if you have a sword wound through your chest? Or need a kidney replaced? Would you call a surgeon then? A workers compensation attorney in Los Angeles demands the same question. If you want compensation for stubbing your toe at work, then you could probably work it out yourself and there is no big loss if you fail. However, if you were crippled at work, or experienced pain and suffering, then wouldn’t you want the best possible legal team to make sure you get the most out of your compensation claim?

Do I “Need” a Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

Quite often, when this question is uttered, people are looking for some sort of list of reasons why they need a compensation attorney. Yet, as shown in the introduction, it is really up to you and how you view the case.

Even if you think you have a 100% winning claim. Even if you have seen the same claim made several times by other people, all of whom claimed a full compensation amount, it still doesn’t mean you should go it alone. It is still a good idea to get in touch with a workers compensation attorney in Los Angeles because there is still a chance you will lose. There is also a chance that your co-workers have been getting a rough deal, but they believe they are getting a good deal because the insurance companies have a very good PR team.

workers compensation attorney in Los Angeles

Times You Definitely Need a Workers Compensation Attorney

So far as common sense goes, you should contact a compensation attorney no matter what type of claim you are putting in. It is good practice, and you are not obligated to hire a company just because you have consulted them.

Furthermore, there are several occasions when going it alone is a very bad idea. For example, if somebody was seriously hurt, then you need a good legal team behind you. If you have experienced a lot of pain and suffering, or if your workplace accident will affect your future comfort or happiness, then you need a good team behind you. Plus, if your claim has already been denied, or if the company is trying to bully you by saying it was your fault, then you need a workers compensation attorney in Los Angeles team to help you.

Final Thoughts – What if You Were to Blame?

Even if you were to blame, and even if your company or their insurance company is threatening you with counter-suits because it was your fault, it doesn’t affect your claim. The fact is that by hiring you, they are partially responsible, if not fully responsible, for any harm, injury or suffering you experience. As a result, you can still get in touch with a reputable company, like BHL – Worker Comp Attorney LA, and you can still put in a claim and win. So, even if the accident was your fault, or partially your fault, or not your fault at all, you should still consult a workers’ compensation attorney group and get the help you need to make a claim.