workers compensation attorneys in los angeles

In the aftermath of an accident at work, you’re likely feeling vulnerable and dependent upon your employer for a settlement so that you can pay your bills while you recover. However, you  also know that you need to file a claim against them to receive all of the money that you are owed. In this difficult position, you may be tempted to reach out and accept the first settlement that they offer, but before you make any sort of claim for compensation after an injury, you should consult with Bel Hamideh Law, specialist workers compensation attorneys in Los Angeles who can help you organize your claim and make sure that you are not left without everything that you are owed.

workers compensation attorneys in los angeles

Negotiating With Your Employer

When it comes to an injury at work, you and your employer are on opposite sides of the insurance divide. Your business wants to reduce the amount of compensation paid, as it will limit the increase in the costs they have to pay for insurance cover. The insurer will also want to limit how much they need to pay you to satisfy your demands. You are likely to be facing a number of medical bills, perhaps even the cost of hospital treatment, and need to receive a settlement for your employer before you can go any further. When you come to our legal team, we will be on your side, negotiating with your business and their insurer to make sure that you don’t have to go without because they have trimmed down all of your costs to the very minimum.

Work With Us Today

We understand the full legal requirements of both state and federal legislation that is designed to protect the worker and ensure that they receive compensation in the event of injury. You will be required to file paperwork, possibly attend more doctors appointments, and be examined by our specialists to make sure that your injuries are not being undervalued. We know that you may feel as though you are in a desperate situation, with bills mounting and no money coming in from your job, but we believe that you will really benefit by holding out for a proper compensation payment from your employer. You can get help from us for a number of different types of work-related injury.

Do Not Negotiate Alone

When you need payment for an injury at work, it is vital that you do not enter into negotiations by yourself. It is easy for you to misunderstand what is required of you, what materials you’ll need, and how long you have to submit paperwork. This is why you need the expert assistance of Bel Hamideh Law and our specialist workers compensation attorneys in Los Angeles. We understand California law and workers’ compensation requirements, and can help you to get the money that you deserve. To find out more, contact us online today or call (213) 263-6131 now.