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Getting injured at work is a nightmare for many people in Los Angeles. It can not only mean expensive trips to the hospital, ambulance bills, doctor’s visits, and perhaps even surgery or extensive medical treatment, but it can also mean the loss of your livelihood as you are unable to work for some period of time. In order to protect you, California legislation tries to ensure that you will be able to obtain workers’ compensation to cover your bills and expenses, but it is an extensive process, and you may need the assistance of an expert workers compensation attorney from Belal Hamideh Law. With our help, you can start the process of making a compensation claim as soon as possible, to give yourself as much time as you can to get every part of your claim accurately recorded.

belal hamideh law

Working With Your Business

When you are injured in California, the law dictates that there are a number of workers benefits that you should be able to receive. This should cover you for any immediate medical bills, and perhaps provide you with disability payments that will ensure you do not go without. If you suffer a long-term permanent disability, then you may be able to receive different types of benefits, and you have to apply for those separately. Many claimants find it hard to understand which part of the compensation claim form applies to them, and they may even make mistakes when they are filing which can cause problems with their claim. In order to overcome this issue, you need to hire a lawyer as soon as possible.

Consulting A Legal Team

You may be hesitant to involve a legal team in making a claim for compensation. Not only is this another expense that you will have to worry about, if you have any concerns about being able to make a claim, then you may worry that you are just adding more bills to the unpaid pile. However, with the help of our legal team, you can take steps to make sure that your workman’s compensation claim is filed accurately, and according to California law. You need an expert attorney to make sure that you file correctly, and in good time so that you can get the compensation you deserve for your workplace injury.

Getting The Best From Your Lawyers

If you have determined that the only way to get the compensation you deserve for an injury at your place of employment is to hire a lawyer, then you should consider the services of Belal Hamideh Law. We are highly qualified workman’s compensation attorneys in Los Angeles that can offer you help and advice in making your claim. Don’t be afraid to try to find a way to get compensation today, and simply reach out to the team today by contacting us online using our inquiry form, or call us for a free consultation about your claim on (213) 214-2969 now.