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An accident at work is an unfortunate occurrence which can damage your ability to earn money for your family, and can also rack up doctor’s fees and hospital bills that you would struggle to pay at any time of year, but that can be extremely costly when you can’t go to work. In the circumstances, the obvious solution is to make a claim for workers’ compensation with your employer. In order to do this successfully, you need to work with a work injury attorney team in Los Angeles like Belal Hamideh Law. Our business is here to help make sure that you get the money that you are legally entitled to after you have been injured at work.

a work injury attorney in los angeles

Making Sure That You Get The Money You Need

While you are injured and are able to work, the most important thing will be to try to claim some of the compensation that you are entitled to in order to cover your bills. You need immediate medical treatment, and the worst thing in the world is to sit there worrying that your company’s insurance will refuse your claim. When our team is there to represent you, we can make sure that you get to see a doctor who is very knowledgeable about injuries similar to yours, and that you are able to make a start on recovery. Even if your claim is initially denied, we can work with you to formulate an appeal or make a second appeal to your employers. When you rely upon our help, we can make sure that you have enough space to tend to the physical demands of recovering from an injury.

Ease Financial Worries

Even in the midst of trying to find somebody to treat your injuries, it is likely that you will spend a good deal of your time worrying about bills. Not only will you have to cover the costs of any medical treatment that you need, but as you are not able to work you will not get money to help you deal with financial emergencies. It is important that you are able to do this while you are recovering, so we aim to work so that you can get the disability payments that you need while you are waiting to make a compensation agreement with your employer.

Talk To An Expert Attorney

You need to find a way to resolve your compensation claim against your employer, and the best way to do this successfully is to use a work injury attorney in Los Angeles like Belal Hamideh Law. Our attorneys specialize in worker’s compensation claims, which means that we are perfect for your needs. You can visit us for a brief chat or a free consultation before you decide whether we are right for you, so get started today by sending us a message through our online inquiry form, or you can call us directly at (213) 263-6131 and ask to meet one of our attorneys for a free consultation now.