workers comp

If you were injured on the job you probably field to receive workers compensation benefits. This compensation can provide you with the money and benefits of temporary or long term disability. Yet, what course of action can you take if that coverage isn’t sufficient or doesn’t hold you guilty employer responsible for your predicament? There are a number of reasons why you can pursue a lawsuit against your employer outside of worker’s compensation. If any of the following relates to your situation don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

workers comp


Injured by a Defective Product

If your injured came about due to a piece of equipment or machinery that was defective you might have a case on your hands. If the equipment or machinery was defective, inherently dangerous or failed to work properly and this information wasn’t made aware to your company by the manufacturer you hold that manufacturer responsible for your injuries. This can mean getting coverage from them to pay for your medical bills, pain or suffering as well as any lost wages.

Third Party Injury

There are certain situations in a person’s career where their injury isn’t the fault of their employer or machinery. Sometimes it is the fault of a third party. If third party’s intentional or negligent behavior was the cause of your injury you should speak to an injury lawyer. A third party is someone who is not involved in your company. An example of this could be if a sales representative got hit by another vehicle while on the way to meet with a sales client.  

Toxic Substance Injury

Another form of injury that is relevant to this subject is toxic substances. These injuries are usually caused by substances that are used regularly while working or substances that workers are exposed to within their environment. These injuries can be acute with symptoms that appear suddenly and also latent, symptoms that appear much further down the line. A perfect and unfortunate example of this was the lung cancer and other cancers seen in the fireman and emergencies workers that tirelessly and heroically responded to the 9/11 attacks. Their substance injuries were latent and were a formidable reason for creating a lawsuit.

Whether you fall under these categories can help you better understand your legal standing as it pertains to your case. You have to also consider the statute of limitations when it comes to your injury. Not every injury or accident is treated the same state by state. If you think that you might be a victim of faulty mechanics, a third party accident or a toxic substance exposure you should seek legal advice as soon as possible. The longer that you wait for the most chance you might face of not being able to create a case that stands in court. Thus, you may be missing out on financial help with the bills you have accrued due to this injury as well as compensation for lost wages and physical/emotional distress. Reach out to us by calling our office (213) 263-6131