a workers compensation attorney in los angeles

Injuries in the workplace continue to rise as workers are pushed to work more days and longer hours to meet deadlines and quotas. Workers naturally feel tired and stressed, leading to mistakes occurring. Employers and companies are also reluctant to improve work conditions are maintain facilities and equipment as they should in an effort to cut expenses. In the end, however, a workplace injury benefits neither side. It can take you out of the workforce, perhaps even permanently, and potentially cost your employer a lot of money for a worker’s comp claim. If you have been hurt at work, you should speak with a worker’s compensation attorney in Los Angeles who can dispel some of the typical myths for you.

a Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Los Angeles

An Attorney Can’t Help with Your Case

Many employers may like you to believe that hiring a worker’s comp lawyer is not necessary for you and that you can bargain and settle with the company without a lawyer’s help. While you certainly could try to do this, not having a lawyer there to represent you only benefits your employer. Despite what you may be told, your employer’s insurance company will seek to pay you the bare minimum or even get you to agree to and sign a settlement that fixes the amount of your claim, even if it turns out you will need to care later in life for your injuries. Having a lawyer on your side will help prevent you getting taken advantage of in a situation where you may feel the employer has all the power.

You Must File for Worker’s Compensation Immediately

Your employer may try to deny your claim for worker’s comp because it has been weeks or even months since your initial injury, saying you waited too long to file a claim. A worker’s compensation attorney in Los Angeles will let you know that this is untrue. According to California law, you have one year from the time of your injury to file a claim and still get compensation for your medical expenses and lost wages. A lawyer will tell you that it will benefit you to file as soon as possible, but you do have some time to make that decision.

Talk to a Quality Attorney

If you have a lot of questions about worker’s comp and a workplace injury and do not know the answers, talk to a worker’s compensation attorney in Los Angeles to get assistance. You can contact us here at Belal Hamideh Law to get the help you need and find out what the best steps are for you to take after getting hurt on the job. Our law firm handles many worker’s compensation cases, and we know the laws inside and out so we can give you the best advice. Call us at (213) 263-6131 to ask questions or to schedule time to speak with an attorney in a free, confidential consultation that can give you direction about how you want to move forward with your claim.