Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles

When you’re injured in an accident, whether it’s in a vehicle, on the sidewalk, in a store or at your workplace, if the injuries you suffer are the result of negligence, you have the right to seek compensation. In most cases, whether the injuries are minor or severe, people may immediately bend to the wishes of the insurance company involved in the case. Insurance companies are notorious for jumping in right away to offer a settlement, so the case goes away quickly, but often this settlement is far lower than what you deserve or need. Right now, the assistance of a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, like ours at Belal Hamideh Law can make a all the difference to you in your case.

Dealing with the Insurance Companies

The average person may be intimidated by insurance companies and feel like they must accept whatever the company offers for a settlement, so they at least get something towards their medical bills and care. The problem is that the insurance companies count on this and will offer as little as they can in a case, knowing you may be afraid that there is no other offer. When you have a lawyer on your side, the attitude and approach to the case will change drastically.

Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles

We Stand Up for You

By hiring us at Belal Hamideh Law to be your personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, we will be there to stand up to the insurance companies and their attorneys and fight for your rights in your case. We work hard to make sure that you get compensation to cover all your medical costs and needs now and in the future. We will make sure the parties responsible compensate you for any lost wages or the emotional and physical pain you have suffered since the accident.

We are the Difference Makers

Having a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles like us at Belal Hamideh Law on your side will completely change the approach of the insurance companies involved with your case. Take the time to contact us at 888-503-2850 to make an appointment for a consultation with an attorney so we can discuss your case fully, and let you know what we can do to protect your rights and get the settlement or judgment that you deserve.