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Across the country, accidents due to road rage occur on a daily basis. These incidents, involving aggressive driving and road rage often appear frequently in the news. Numerous accidents, ranging from minor to fatal crashes are mainly contributed to aggressive driving and road rage. If you’re ever involved in one, you should contact an accident attorney in Los Angeles.

Your stress levels will vary depending on the type of vehicle you are driving. An individual driving a long distance truck and traveling at high speeds while surrounded by other smaller vehicles doing the same speed has much higher stress levels in comparison.

How Road Rage Increases Chances of Serious Auto Crashes

You may be wondering how road rage ends up increasing the likelihood of a crash when driving. The most common type of road rage starts when a driver feels “wronged” by another motorist, whether they were cut-off, almost hit, or tailgated.

The overwhelming anger that will ensue after such an incident may prove to be a distraction to you when driving. If your mind is not on the road, you are likely to end up causing a fatal accident.

Another instance is when drivers start focusing on each other instead of moving on and keeping their attention on the road. Such instances may result in drivers acting on their anger by retaliating, swerving violently towards each other, or attempting to run each other off the road. In most cases, one driver may even try to run into another or jump on the other car’s hood.

An aggressive driver could ignore traffic laws in the heat of the moment. They might speed or disregard red lights and stop signs at intersections, posing a threat to themselves and other motorists. In other instances, drivers may exit their vehicles and confront each other in the middle of a busy highway.

Such tendencies should be curbed to prevent possibly dangerous accidents from occurring. Anger management and stress reduction are a necessary thing when you are behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Looking for ways to maintain your cool on the road can help you save your life and that of other road users, in addition to keeping you free.

accident attorney in los angeles

What to do In Case You are a Victim of Road Rage

In case you are on the receiving end of road rage, you should take the following steps to avoid the issues from escalating into something out of control.

First, you should safely move out of the way if you are being tailgated. Ignore any rude gestures or eye-contact from aggressive drivers. Try as much as possible to put a safe distance between yourself and the angry driver.

When it is safe, pull over and recollect your emotions and thoughts. To avoid exacerbating the anger, take deep breaths or listen to calming music. Furthermore, if things start getting out of hand, contact the police or report the aggressive criminal behavior.

Getting Help from an Accident Attorney in Los Angeles

In case you are involved in an accident involving road rage, do not hesitate to call accident attorney in Los Angeles Belal Hamideh Law attorneys in Los Angeles at (213) 263-6131 for a free evaluation of your case. We make sure you are fully compensated for any damages to your vehicle or yourself. To ease your pain, we provide the finest care available including the prompt repair of your vehicle.