workers compensation attorney Los Angeles

Accidents at workplaces are more common than you may think. You can ask your employer for compensation when it happens. A workers compensation attorney Los Angeles can help you out in case your petition is rejected by the insurance company. And believe us: it happens casually. It’s important to know your rights and to know what to do.stojalo za perilo vileda שטיח פרסי תל אביב damske teplaky stojalo za perilo vileda potlac na tricka adidas deerupt panske zelene make up astor skin match adidas deerupt panske zelene 

As normal as accidents are, compensation claims are an everyday thing. It is also pretty normal that they aren’t accepted. You should always keep in mind that insurance companies are created to make money, not to lose it. If they can, they will try to avoid paying you what you deserve for an injury that may last a lifetime or at least leave you without income for a while.

workers compensation attorney los angeles

Why Hire A Workers Compensation Attorney Los Angeles

Facing alone a big insurance company can be a risk not suitable for the average worker. They are prepared to protect their interests and usually have a strong legal team on their staff. You might not have the proper knowledge on how to proceed, and there is when they take advantage to proceed.

An attorney that specializes in cases like these can guide you through the whole process with experience, give proper advice on each step, and defend you aggressively. Don’t hesitate to seek legal help if your worker’s compensation claim is rejected; you still have a chance. And the right professionals will do their best to make sure justice is served.

Reasons Why A Compensation May Be Rejected

The slightest slip can grant the insurance company a good motive to deny any kind of retribution for your injury. Be smart and consistent with your words and actions, as it will ease up things for you. And, of course, look for a workers compensation attorney Los Angeles.

Lack Of Witnesses

As unfair as it is, the insurance companies normally use as an argument that if nobody saw the accident, then it didn’t really happen, or it happened somewhere else than the workplace. This can be a complication if you work in high-risk areas with little to no personnel. If this is the case, You can ask for the surveillance cameras and check if they can be of help. make sure to report the injury to your co-workers and to your supervisor immediately.

Delay To Report The Injury

Taking your time to fill a report for the accident you suffered can be a big problem. The insurance companies often get skeptical when you take too long, and they will wonder why didn’t you do it right away. Don’t wait too much. It’s understandable if you hesitate and want to ask for legal help, but don’t take more than a day for it.

Inconsistencies Between Accident Report And Medical Records

The insurance companies will compare word by word the statements you provide to the different parts involved in the claim. If you give a version of the events to your boss, but you change it when you talk with the doctor, the insurers may hold on to it to reject any kind of worker’s compensation.

Drugs In Your System

Serious or catastrophic injuries may lead to an emergency intervention in a hospital, where they will likely test your blood as a normal procedure. If you are positive for illegal drugs or alcohol, the insurance company can use it against you to blame you for the accident.

What Happens When My Claim Is Denied?

When a worker’s compensation petition is denied by the insurance company, our office files an Application for Adjudication with a local Workers Compensation Appeals Board (“WCAB”). We can also get a neutral doctor’s opinion under Labor Code 4060. The doctor can help to determine if you sustained an injury on the job.

The initial denial is a decision taken by the insurance company. However, it is a judge at the court who decides if your case has value.   Also, you as the defendant can choose to settle the case before going before a judge if the insurance company makes an offer that satisfies you.

When the parties have a disagreement, they go to court to work it out.  There are several types of hearings. If If the issues can’t be resolved at one of the hearings above, the case gets set for trial.   At trial, the parties submit their trial documents and witnesses so that the judge can make a decision on the issues.

Don’t Wait Any Longer: Act Today For Justice

If your petition is rejected by the insurance company, you must act fast. A workers compensation attorney Los Angeles has the expertise and resources to defend you against greedy insurers. Call us today for a free consultation at (213) 263-6131.