workman’s compensation attorney in LA

When an injury occurs to you while you are at work, you may not be thinking clearly right at the moment you are hurt. Your natural instinct is to get medical attention first and worry about the details later. Unfortunately, what happens to many people in this situation is that information gets lost or forgotten when it comes time to file the paperwork for a worker’s comp claim. When something like this happens, it can be difficult for your claim to be processed correctly or successfully. Insurance companies and employers routinely look for the opportunity to deny claims for any reason, so giving them a chance can cause delays or problems for you. A denial does not mean all is lost for you and turning to us at Belal Hamideh Law to be your workman’s compensation attorney in LA can give you just the assistance you need for a successful appeal.

Your Attorney Looks at Denial Reasons

A denial of your claim can happen for a wide variety of reasons. Because there have been incidents of fraud where insurance and worker’s compensation are involved, companies look closely at every claim to make sure injuries are not being faked or exaggerated. Unfortunately, this can mean you get caught up in the process and may have your legitimate claim denied because of their suspicions. Other reasons for denial can include incomplete paperwork or not filing your paperwork on time. Your claim may also be rejected if the company believes you have not provided enough support or evidence to prove your claim.

workman’s compensation attorney in LA

An Attorney and Your Appeal

While you may feel defeated and like you have no options when facing a denial of claims, hiring a workman’s compensation attorney in Los Angeles can help you greatly with an appeal. You can talk to a lawyer about your case and denial, and the attorney can examine the facts and let you know what recourse you may have. Your lawyer can walk you through the steps of the appellate process, so you know what needs to be done and what to expect. Your attorney will then be there with you before the appeals board to represent you and state your case, giving you a much better chance of getting the verdict overturned.

Learn Your Appeal Options from a Workman’s Compensation Attorney in Los Angeles

If you have recently had your worker’s comp claim denied, turn to an experienced workman’s compensation attorney in LA like we have here at Belal Hamideh Law for help. We will look at your case and advise you regarding what the next best steps are for you to take and how we can help you get the reversal you need. Phone our office today at (213) 214-2969 so you can arrange an appointment for a no-cost meeting with our lawyer. Learn all the options that we have to help you so that you can get the compensation you are entitled to for your workplace injuries.