work injury attorney in los angeles

You have found yourself injured after an accident at work, and need to claim compensation in order to receive financial assistance with medical bills and recovery time away from your job. If you are not an expert in filing a compensation claim, then it is certain that you will need the advice and assistance of a work injury attorney in Los Angeles. With their help, you can get through the complex process of applying for money that you deserve and we will make sure that you definitely get what you need by completing your compensation claim. Belal Hamideh Law will show you exactly why you will need to call in a legal team to help you.

work injury attorney in los angeles

Making Claims Hard

When you file a compensation claim with your employer, you are actually making a claim against a particular type of insurance. This policy is designed to help workers who have been injured on the job – just like you have – and need financial help, but it is not exactly in the interest of the insurance company to comply with your claim. Their aim is to either deny your comp claim completely so that you are left with nothing, or to settle for a much smaller amount. This means that you have to struggle to get any compensation from them at all and it will be much harder if you try to do it by yourself. Instead, you need the help of an attorney.

Getting The Help Of An Attorney

What do you want when you are trying to make a compensation claim? Not everyone is prepared to hold out for an appeal or to take it to court, and instead simply want enough to live on for the moment while still being able to go back to work at a suitable time. If you speak to our team, we can help you to find the best results for your needs which can include trying to reach a settlement with the insurer which leaves both sides happy. This sort of negotiation has a higher chance of being successful when you have the assistance of a legal team, for you are more likely to get a good result than if you attempt to go it alone. By following our advice, you can reach an agreement with the insurance adjuster which does not leave you out of pocket.

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When you are making an insurance claim, you will have to put your trust in a work injury attorney in Los Angeles. At Belal Hamideh Law, we have many years of experience in dealing with compensation claims, and this makes us the ideal team to help workers who need to cover bills and invoices while they are away from work. To find out how to make a claim or to receive a free consultation from our legal team about your compensation needs, simply contact us using our online message form or call us at (213) 263-6131 now.