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Being involved in an auto accident can be incredibly jarring. Living in Los Angeles is something you hear and read in the news frequently. When you have a daily commute on one of the busiest highways in the country, accidents are bound to happen. When and if you are unfortunately involved in a car accident it is best to understand how to proceed especially if you need to approach a law firm like ours after it happens. Knowing the proper procedures to adhere to can mean the difference between getting compensated for your car and injuries and being unable to pursue a claim. If you end up in an accident it could mean massive medical bills and piling debt but getting a lawyer to fight for you might be a better route. If you think you need an Worker’s Compensation Attorney, reach out to us today. For now, read up on our guide for maneuvering moments post car accident.

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If you’re involved in a car accident one of the first things you should do is remain calm. If you panic you could make things worse. Take a moment to observe your surroundings, the state of your vehicle and asses yourself for injuries. Once you have determined your status check on any passengers in your car. If anyone else is experiencing headaches/dizziness or is unresponsive it would be best to get a paramedic on scene.

If you have been involved in a crash with another vehicle you could do a check on their safety and status as well. When everyone involved has been assessed you and the other driver can make a decision regarding calling for police. If there have been multiple vehicles involved in the crash you should definitely call for police presence. Things can get heated, confusing and upsetting quickly if there are many people involved. Police are a great option if you are worried that the other driver(s) are going to be aggressive. Post accident you want to ensure that you collect the information of the other vehicle(s) involved. This includes insurance information, driver’s license info and the details of the accident. Make sure that you take photos of your vehicle, as well as the other driver. This type of proof can be essential if the other driver is at fault but claims they are not. You should also write down information such as your location, including street names, weather, witness and police officer names. Detailed information can be very helpful when you are attempting to make a claim with your insurance provider.

After a car accident, you may find that you aren’t able to muster the courage to get back behind the wheel. If you find that you have lingering physical or mental trauma due to the accident you may want to get in touch with an Worker’s Compensation Attorney. They can help you in determining if you have a legal case to pursue. There are a lot of intricacies within the legal system that a legal professional will understand and help you with. If you need help following an accident reach out to schedule a free initial consultation by calling (818)-501-7400